I was incredibly fortunate to have my Introductory Collaborative training taught by Donna Smalldon. She brought a depth of expertise and passion for serving clients that gave every attendee great appreciation for our role as financial experts in the Collaborative process. Easily the most impactful training I have attended in my 20+ year professional career!
— Kenneth, May 2018

I am better in my current life for what you did to make me aware of my choices.
— EJ. Seattle, WA
I’m not sure how the court will rule but I was very impressed with your testimony and the way you handled yourself on the witness stand. You should become a professional expert witness!
— Herb. Portland, OR

My wife and I had never engaged in mediation of any sort during our eight years together. As a male and an engineer, I have always been skeptical of counselors and mediators of any sort. But I was pleasantly surprised at how effective Donna was at helping us discover common ground as the basis for our amicable divorce. I’m sot sure it would have stayed amicable without her involvement.
— Joe. Portland, OR

Thank you so much for all of your help in this divorce process. I really felt like you helped me understand the numbers behind the divorce in a way that made sense. You helped me get to a place where I felt I could work things out. I’ve already given your name to many of my friends. I hope they get in touch with you!
— ~ K
Have you worked with Donna? Click to write a review on Google+

Have you worked with Donna? Click to write a review on Google+

It was amazing to me that there could be a pleasant experience in the midst of all the divorce turmoil, but that is just what my experience was with Donna . She put things in perspective for both of us in order to best benefit everyone without prejudice.

If you are interested in not spending a lot to save a little and treasure the thought of doing what is really best for the children and yourselves, I would recommend using Applied Divorce Solutions. For me it was the only pleasant experience in a very unpleasant time of life.
— Eric. Wilsonville, OR
We're loved on Yelp, too! Click to read our reviews or write a new one.

We're loved on Yelp, too! Click to read our reviews or write a new one.

I felt bewildered, belittled and powerless, politely knocking on the front door of a “good ‘ol boys club” in my journey of divorcing an attorney. Then I attended Second Saturday and realized that I needed the expertise of a supportive team to guide me in the right direction towards personal empowerment. Donna Smalldon of Applied Divorce Solutions, who worked brilliantly, took me one little step at a time towards the finish line. I am so thankful to have had the courage to surrender to a higher power of knowledge, compassionate and supportive professionals that orchestrated a bright future for me.
— Kathryn. Portland, OR

I will admit when my attorney suggested I go see a “divorce planner” I was very skeptical; How do you plan for a divorce?

The demise of my 14-year marriage was very sudden; one day he
was there then the next he was gone. In his wake were very vague and contradictory “reasons” and “explanations”.

Needless to say the decisions I wanted to make were based on emotions not logic.

Donna was very gracious, understanding, empathic and, most importantly, objective. She took what information I had, asked some very pointed questions and was able to present her viewpoint of my situation based on what would be in my financial best interest in the long run.

With Donna’s encouragement I was able to make some decisions I earlier hadn’t wanted to make and come up with other possible options that hadn’t occurred to me. I know when I reach retirement age I will appreciate Donna’s advice even more than I do now.
— Roberta. Forest Grove, OR